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CADA Junior Prep Training

An elite Jr & Sr Prep training program to prepare Junior High & Senior High School athletes through the basketball season and beyond. 

There are eleven objectives: 

  • ​Meet athletes at their level by providing a variety of programs to suit different needs and place athletes on teams relative to their level of skill and commitment

  • Provide athletes with the opportunity to develop in both proactive and game situations

  • Develop the athletes' individual and team games both physically and mentally

  • Push athletes to expand their comfort zone and basketball maturity 

  • Require athletes to accept personal responsibility for their actions on and off the court

  • Recognize that balance is required.  That social interaction and enjoying new cultural experiences with teammates both in and out of the basketball environment is essential

  • Provide a fully transparent selection process

  • Respond to athletes and parents with constructive and honest feedback

  • Support and respect the efforts of the schools and communities by providing an environment free of pressure and coercion so that athletes do not feel they have to abandon their current teams

  • Educate athletes on what is necessary for success at the next level

  • Help those interested to get exposure to post-secondary institutions at all levels

Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Jr & Sr Prep Programs

Current Programs and Teams (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer)

Developmental Teams - Players are accepted on a first come first serve basis at a variety of skills and experience levels, based solely on their ability to meet the requirements of the program. 

Training Athletes - These are athletes who cannot make a commitment to our summer travel schedule but who would still like to commit to training on a local level.  These players will be accepted on an individual basis contingent on numbers that will not disrupt the training groups and a solid commitment to an agreed upon schedule. 


Competitive CADA Teams - Players picked through invitation based on evaluation by program directors.  These athletes will be required to adhere to a stricter and more involved regiment of training. 

Provincial Competitive Teams - We have the unique opportunity to put together combined teams at each of the major age groups with programs out of Calgary.  Athletes will be selected from a pool of interested athletes that are with our competitive teams.  These athletes will continue to train locally with our competitive teams, but will travel with the combined team.  there may be a series of joint training sessions in both Calgary and Edmonton.  


These teams will be involved in a travel schedule which in most cases will take them to the United States (California & Las Vegas) in the summer.  Most details will be finalized in February. 


Players and parents with all these programs will be required to meet with a program director prior to their placement on a team to ensure that their expectations are compatible with the direction of the team. 

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CADA Jr Prep Training also offers: 

Affiliating/Mentoring Teams & Programs


 Groups that are self contained (own coaching and administration) enter into an arrangement for guidance, mentoring and/or a pre-arranged schedule for assisted training.


Fall: September - November

Winter*: December - February

Spring: March - June

Summer: July - August

*The Winter Term is designed for those who are looking for EXTRA training in addition to their school or community teams.  This program is not meant to replace either type of program.  Athletes who do not have a team are also invited to train at this time. 


We are currently looking to fill 1 girls and 2 boys teams.


A select number of athletes will be accepted in each group for training only.

Competitive Ages (Boys & Girls): 12-14, 15-19

​Development Ages (Boys & Girls): 6-11, 12-14, 15-19

Focuses Include: 


  • Shooting Skills

  • Conditioning

  • Off the Ball Moves

  • Passing

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Knowledge of the Game

  • Competitive Court Experience

  • Defensive Fundamentals

  • Blocking Out

  • Rebounding

  • Post Play

  • Ball Handling

  • Guard Play

  • Special Transitioning

CADA Jr Prep Basketball  Training

Enrollment for all programs is based on a term-by-term basis but can be purchased for all four terms.  For more information, prices or inquiries, please contact Coach Wallen at: or at 587-433-1349. 

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