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CADA! We are a high-performance sports academy committed to developing student-athletes with their athletic and advancing academic requirements. CADA prepares student-athletes with a process of short and long term objectives and goals. Our academy philosophy is the belief in the potential for every student-athlete to achieve their top-level athletic abilities. We work hard to support all our student-athletes to get to the next level, such as college sport or professional levels.

High School Basketball Game

Who we are

 Our organization, Canadian Academic Athletic Development Academy (CAADA) has been working with youth throughout Alberta. Our vision is to encourage the pursuit of excellence in both academics and athletics by reinforcing school and community pride, through emphasis and focus on discipline, physical fitness, structure, integrity, citizenship and leadership.


Through a love of sports and the arts, CAADA redirects and changes lives leading our youth to greater success, on or off the playing field, the rules of play, whether Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field or Hockey - what they learn, they can apply to their lives. Our organization uses alternative learning strategies - sports and expressive art (spoken word poetry, music, Rap, Hip Hop) to change young peoples’ lives.

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As a high-performance sports academy, we are dedicated to unlocking the untapped potential of every youth we serve.

At CADA, no child is left behind – our philosophy ensures that each student and athlete receives personalized support to achieve their academic and athletic goals. Through a unique blend of discipline, physical fitness, and character education practices, we empower our community to pursue excellence on and off the court.


Whether you're a young talent seeking to elevate your game or a partner passionate about making a lasting impact, CADA Sports is the platform where dreams take flight.


Join CADA Sports, where greatness begins and no one is left behind.


Our community-based programming is tailored to children and youth aged 5 to 17 excel in athletic and academic environments.


Whether your child’s goal is to play at a post-secondary level or improve athletic skill sets, CADA Sports will help nurture your child’s aspirations.

Boy Throwing Basketball

Our Vision

Our "Vision" is that there will be no athlete left behind in sports endeavors.

Our Mission

We seek to promote equity in sport by providing sporting opportunities that are impartial, nurture the well-being and academic standing of athletes, and decrease financial barriers while uplifting athletes to elite levels. 

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